Sprint Evo Shift 4G Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are a couple of keyboard shortcuts I found while using the Evo Shift 4G. These shortcuts are available in any editing applications like Notepads or any application that has a text editing field, like SMS or the Web Browser. All the shortcuts I found perform actions that are possible by touching the screen. However, it is sometimes easier, faster, and more accurate to perform many text editing functions using the keyboard shortcuts.

 Evo Shift Keyboard Shortcut List

Function Shortcut
Select text Shift + D Pad
Select one word Double Tap
Select All Text Menu + A
Copy Text Menu + C
Cut Text Menu + X
Paste Text Menu + V
Symbols FN + Space Bar
Emoticons FN + @ Sign
Move to top of page FN + Up D Pad
Move to bottom of page FN + Down D Pad
Move to beginning of Line FN + Left D Pad
Move to end of line FN + Right D Pad
Delete entire Line FN + Del
Move cursor around D Pad
Magnify text to place cursor Press and hold screen

Unfortunately, I could not find a shortcut to insert a tab. If you know of any other shortcuts that I missed please let me know and I will add them to the list.


2 thoughts on “Sprint Evo Shift 4G Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. These shortcuts are so helpful. I am also looking for an “Undo” shortcut. If you want to undo your last change, there is usually a keyboard command of Control Z in MS-Word. Any idea what the keyboard shortcut is on the EVO Shift?


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