My Daily Success Check List

My Daily Success Check List (Ad-supported) version 3.00

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In the game of achieving success, attention and consistency are King.

This is true whether your goal is losing weight, gaining strength, increasing your income, raising phenomenal kids, having more meaningful relationships, or anything else you would like to have in your life. To get the result you have to focus consistent attention to the necessary actions that move you towards your goal.

We often have busy days, with frequent interruptions. Because of this, it is possible to miss taking action on some of your goals occasionally. Being frequently aware that you have to take action today greatly increases the likelihood that you will take that action and thus, reach you goal that much quicker.

The Daily Success Check List Application helps you to be successful in reaching your goals. It is a simple checklist with a home screen widget. Takes just three steps:

1. Enter the actions you know you have to take daily to reach a goal. Like: Workout for 40 minutes, make 10 cold calls to prospective customers, send out 10 resumes to potential employers, etc.

2. Put the widget on your home screen. When an action is not yet completed it shows up with bright colored text. Once you check an action off the list the text becomes lighter, almost invisible.

3. Your daily mission now becomes to see the list go from bright (in the morning) to gray (before going to bed). You can instantly see how far down your action list you are at a glance. This color change also signals that you had a successful day. A day in which you accomplished all the actions you needed to take you one day closer to your goals.

Each day you complete the items on your list places a green check mark on your calendar. The idea is to see your check marks line up as a string of successful days.

The home screen widget serves as a constant reminder of the actions you need to take today. Each time you use your Android device you’ll see the list. At the start of the day, all the items on the list are a bright color. As you complete items during the day and check them off the list they go from bright to a lighter color. At a glance you can see how much progress you’ve made on your actions today. Your task then becomes seeing the list go from bright to gray everyday.

Ideas for Use:
Goal achievement
Habit building
Behavior modification

Simple visual design to remind you of your success actions
Number of unchecked high priority items displayed at top of on screen widget
Priority indicator to designate importance of items
Four widget sizes: 2×2, 2×3, 2×4 and 3×4
A verity of text and background color choices
Change text size of list and widget
Alarm on individual list items
Automatic daily list reset at the time you specify. You dictate when your day ends

Change Log:

  • Added three level priority system
  • Added more color options for text and background
  • Added ability to change list and widget text sizes
  • Added indicator for number of in-completed items needed for a daily check mark
  • Added option to move completed actions to bottom of list
  • Added more choices for day roll times. Up to noon the following day
  • Added option for custom reset notification messages
  • Added more widget sizes
  • Added option to show word wrapped text in widget
  • New application icon


  • Fixed calendar layout issue on large resolution screen


  • Added a calendar that tracks each day all actions are completed
  • Added statistics to track number of days all actions were completed each month, number of consecutive days with all actions completed and total days completed
  • Added counter to track number of consecutive days all actions are completed and a check mark status for more than 7 consecutive days
  • Added list reset feature
  • New icon. Now a green check mark

    Write External Storage – Backup and restore list to SD card
    Full Internet Access/Access Network State – Contact Google or AdMob to display advertisements
    Control Vibrator – Make the device vibrate when alarming
    Receive Boot Complete – Set up any alarms you have configured after the device reboots.

    If you have any questions or suggestions about this application please use the My Daily Success Check List Forum here.

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