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If you are like me, you keep notes on your Android home screens to remind you of important things. I’m not talking about ‘pick up milk’ kind of reminders. I’m talking about ideas you want to stay focused on for days, weeks or months. Personal motivation ideas like “If someone else has done it so can I!”. Health reminder ideas like “Always choose the healthy option”. Or any other idea, thought, affirmation or goal you want to keep on the top of your mind during the day like “I am calm and focused”.

The idea behind these notes on your home screen is that they act as visual cues to remind you of something. This is like sticking a note on you bathroom mirror or refrigerator. While this is a good strategy to help remember something, our brains have a clever way of deleting these notes from view after some time. In a few days the note blends into the background and the idea you are trying to keep on your mind with it. It becomes almost invisible to you.

 Keep Ideas on the Top Of Your Mind

I have created a solution to the problem of notes blending into the background. It is called the Attention Grabber Note Widget. Unlike other note widget apps that disappear from view after a few days. The Attention Grabber Note Widget continually grabs your attention by changing the text and background colors of the widget periodically. Your brain never has a chance to get used to the note because the note changes.

The fact that the color changes grabs you attention resulting in you focusing on the idea in the note. You notice that something is different on your home screen forcing you to read the note.

This is my first Android Application. It is one that I’ve been looking for but could not find, so I wrote it. You can download the application from the Android Market. There is a link to the application here on the Dancing Droid Application Page.

Please try the app and leave feedback in the Market. You can also leave a comment here or in the Attention Grabber Note Widget Forum.

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