Attention Grabber Note Widget v2.01 Released

A few enhancements have been added to the Attention Grabber Note Widget. The simplicity the application had when it was first introduced has been restored. By default simply clicking a note opens the edit screen. The popup menu is still available via long pressing the note. This gets you access to your notes with less clicks. If you want the menu to popup when a note is pressed the toggle is under Menu -> Edit Option.

Also, the note that is currently being displayed in a widget is conveniently positioned on the top of the note list. This note is also highlighted as shown in the photo to the right.This is especially useful when you have many notes in a widget (with the Plus key installed)

 New Features in v2.01
  • Option added to change the behaviour when a note is pressed.
    Edit Note: Short press edits the note. Long press displays the pop up menu.

    Show Menu: Short press displays the pop up menu.
    Option toggled with Menu -> Edit Option

  • The note currently displayed in the widget is now always positioned on the top of the list when editing the Widget.

  • Corrected issue with garbage data being left on device when a widget is removed from the home screen.

More details can be found on the Attention Grabber Note Widget Product Page here.

Or, you can go straight to the Play Store and download it here!


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