My Daily Check List version 3.0 Released

This release has many of the enhancements that users have been asking for. Most of them are obvious, like text size options, color options, and word wrap in the screen widget.

Some others like Priority Significance needs a bit of explanation. With this release you have the choice to assign each success action item with a ‘High”, “Medium”, or “Low” priority. Priority Significance specifies the minimum priority level that has to be completed to earn a green check mark for the day. Some examples:

Priority Significance Priority Items Needing Completion for Check Mark
HIGH High Priority
MEDIUM Medium and High Priority
LOW Low, Medium and High Priority

The indication in the oval at the top of the list counts the number of items needing to be completed to earn a check mark. This number takes into account the Priority Significance.

Additionally, the color of the title bar changes to indicate what priority level still has items unchecked. The bar is red if there are any High priority items unchecked. Once the high priority items are checked the bar turns yellow if there are Medium items left unchecked. If there are only Low priority items left unchecked the bar turns green. As always, the bar turns gray once all items are checked.

 New Features in v3.00
  • Three level priority for individual action items
  • Priority Significance system to decide what level of priority items need to be completed to earn a check mark for the day
  • Count of number of items needed to be completed to earn a check mark for the day
  • Title bar now changes color to indicate outstanding priority level remaining
  • Choose to have completed items drop to the bottom of the list
  • Additional widget size
  • Ability to change text size of list and widget
  • Additional background and text color sizes
  • New application icon

Daily Success Checklist Icon
More details can be found on the My Daily Success Checklist product page.

Or, you can go straight to the Play Store and download it here!


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