Palm to Android: Replacement Applications

I started this series to document how I converted my data from PalmOS to Android. After I got my contacts, passwords, ebooks, and notes converted, I was satisfied that I could use my HTC Hero Android without having to rely on the Treo any longer. What follows is the complete list of apps that I use to use on my Treo and their Android replacement. If you know of a better choice than ones I use please let me know.

 Android Replacement of Palm OS Applications

(Bold entries are better than their counterpart on the other OS, in my opinion)

Application Type Palm OS Android OS
Backup Backup Buddy VFS My Backup Pro
Calculator Stock Palm OS Real Calc
Calendar Date Book 6 iRT CalendarJorte
Cell Minute Tracker Cell Plan
Contacts Stock Palm OS Stock Android OS
Dictionary Dictonary To Go ColorDict
Ebook Reader Palm eReader/Mobi Pocket eReader Pro/iReader/Kindle for Android
Email Snapper Mail Stock Android OSK9 Mail
Facebook Facebook for Palm Facebook for Android
File Manager Zlauncher File Manager EStrong File Manager
Ftp client EzFTP EStrong File Manager
Subway/Bus Routes MetrO
Microsoft document reader Docs2Go Docs2Go
Money Management Splash Money Easy Money/Mint
Mortgage Calculator Mortgage Calculator Mortgage Calculator
Network tethering USB Modem Wireless Tether for Root
Notepad Stock PalmOS/PsMemo Note Eveything/Spring Pad
Passwords Splash ID Password Safe
Pdf Reader Docs2Go/Adobe
Sd card reader Card Reader Built In
Shopping/Checklist Splash Shopper OI Shopper
Ssh client TuSSH Connect Bot
Stock Portfolio Stock Manager
Task/Todo Stock Palm OS Astrid/Jorte
Video Player TCPMP Act 1/Cinema
Web Browser Blazer/Opera Stock/Opera/Skyfire
Yellowbook Search Google Maps YellowBook/Google Maps/Yelp/Where

15 thoughts on “Palm to Android: Replacement Applications

  1. Great job; really appreciate your site (and wish you could do more, but I figure this isn’t your job….)

    Splashdata’s SplashID is out in version 5.3 for Android and is quite stable. It is virtually a seemless transition from SplashID Palm to SplashID Android, especially if you have a lot of data. I have more than 500 records, so I really didn’t want to move to a different application.

    Also, they are rumored to be working on an Agendus for Android, but I’m not holding my breath. For now, unlike on the Palm Garnet OS, the only way to sync tasks ‘directly’ from Outlook Exchange to Android is Dataviz’ Roadsync. There are several other options that permit syncing of Outlook Exchange tasks to a devoted Google Calendar (not Google tasks, mind you), and then sync to that particular Google calendar, but that solution is far from elegant.

  2. Several years ago, I attempted to migrate from trusty Tungsten T3 to the Blackberry Storm, but I never made it, and wound up as a “polyga-wrist” for the past couple of years. Now, though, with the Droid X, I am finally able to leave both of these old devices in the drawer.

    I have replaced my Palm Apps alternatively as follows:
    Backupbuddy VFS —> KeePass for Android (and for desktop)
    Handyshopper —> Our Groceries
    Datebook 6 —> Still using the stock DX app, but may consider others such as Jorst

    Thanks so much for your trailblazing this migration path for me!

  3. Thanks for the valuable info. Made my jump this week from Palm OS to Android (Dell Streak) much less painful. I have been lost w/o DateBk6. I still carry my Treo 755p just for that!

    This combo of apps seems to come somewhat close to the visual aspect of DateBk6, while we wait for CESD (DateBk6 developer to roll out Pimlical for Android) Try this:
    iRT Calendar Pro+ Astrid + Pure Calendar Widget. The widget will display Astrid Tasks at the top and calendar entries below similar to DateBk6 split screen. Astrid and iRT will sync to Google Cal. Setup is involved, but I feel it is well worth it.

    Now, if there was just an easy way to export my 117 tasks from Palm to Astrid!

  4. For Datebook6 fans, Pimlical for Android is now available. I am almost ready to delete Pocket Informant…

  5. Dear,

    I downloaded iReader on my Samsung Galaxy Tab, but It can’ recognize Mobipocket based books! Can explain what to do?

  6. I’m using To Market, they have an import tool that will import my over 1500 items from HandyShopper, with stores, aisles and prices – I was thrilled to find it!

  7. I am also a palm user switching to android.

    For calendar, do you still think jorte is the best? Have u compared it with pure calender or calengoo?

  8. Andre,

    I haven’t tried Calendgoo, looks good from the screen shots though. I do use Pure Calendar and I love it.


  9. B-Folders can be used as replacement for Palm Memos, Addresses, SplashID and everything is secured and you sync as you wish – USB, Wi-Fi, 3G…


  10. I have a zire 71 with problems on touch screen , but my informations are save on SD card e palm desktop. I’d like to buy a smarthphone , and I’d like to transfer this informations( isilo’s books and memos). Witch operational sistem and /or device would you suggest. Do you know if I can import informations from a zire 71 to an android device? Thanks !!

  11. Silva,

    I can’t recommend a particular device. But, based on the size of your Zire and you probably being used to not having a physical keyboard, I would suggest something like a Sprint Evo, Verizon Thunderbold, or T-Mobile My Touch. They have large enough screens.

    As for the data transfers I have a Memo conversion steps here:
    And, Isilo has an Android version here


  12. I just bought a galaxy phone and am in the process of changing from my treo 650 . I was pleased to see that metrO is available but you have to go to their website as it’s not available on Market yet. It’s in pre-release now. I have installed and it works fine.
    So you can add this to the table!

  13. For Time Tracking, I’ve used a fantastic sportscar of a Palm program, Times for Palm, for years and didn’t migrate from my 755p because of it. Now I find Paymo for Android, and it is even better! It not only performs time tracking both automatically and manually, it also integrates expenses and project management, estimating and invoicing, in ways I could only dream of before. And the level of customer support is so high as to be virtually surreal! Just what I have been waiting for , and a whole lot more.

  14. The Palm Tungsten E2 – right out of the box had the standard apps – Memos, Calendar, Contacts, etc and they could all be separated into categories. All the entries could be selectively marked as private or left public and there was a password to allow seeing the private items. I’ve searched for a replacement for this functionality but not been able to find it for my Kindle Fire HD. Does anybody know of an inexpensive replacement that has this capability?

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