eWallet migration from Palm Os to Android

I converted from my Palm OS to Android about a year and a half ago. My conversion methods are detailed in this Blog. My girlfriend also converted from Palm to Android maybe two months after me. However, she been carrying two phones since then, her Treo 755p and her Android. Reason being, she did not want to suffer through transferring her eWallet passwords to her Android. Well this weekend we bit the bullet and got it done. Here is how.

What you’ll need.

 Migrate passwords from Palm to Android

Migration path:
eWallet on Palm OS -> Palm Desktop 6.2 -> eWallet 6.1 -> eWallet Backup File -> eWallet 7 -> eWallet GO! for Android.

Step 1. Get your eWallet passwords onto your Palm Desktop on the XP PC.
  • If you don’t already have it, download and install the Palm Desktop 6.2 from HP here
  • Likewise download and install the eWallet 6.1 from Iliumsoft.com here if needed.
  • Run the HotSync Manager. Start -> All Programs -> Palm -> Hotsync Manager. Then right click over the HotSync Manager Icon on your task bar and choose Settings.
  • Click on Applications and un-check every application except eWallet.
  • Click the Configure button and choose Handheld overwrites Desktop
  • If you have any protected memos in the memo pad you’ll need that password
  • Press the Hotsync button.

If all goes well you’ll have your eWallet passwords sync’ed to your PC.

Step 2. Backup your eWallet file and transfer it to your Windows 7 PC
  • Run eWallet, enter your password, then choose Tools -> Make Backup… Choose location and file name to save you eWallet backup file
  • Transfer your eWallet backup file from you XP system to your Window 7 system. Popular methods are email, usb key drive, Dropbox, Sugar Sync, ftp, etc…

You now have your passwords on the Windows 7 box. Almost there.

Step 3.Convert your wallet to eWallet 7.0 on Windows 7

(You might be able to do this on the XP machine as well,I did not try it.)

  • Download and install eWallet 7 from Iliumsoft.com here.
  • Launch eWallet and open the backed up wallet you transferred earlier.
  • Say yes to the format conversion confirmation
  • Backup your converted Wallet to your hard drive

You’ve got your wallet in the version 7 format.

Step 4. Convert your eWallet file to eWallet GO! format

Step 5. Import the eWallet GO! Wallet into your Android

Okay, the last step is the easiest one.

Now your passwords are on your Android. All is right with the world.

Let us know if you have a better way to get your eWallet passwords from your Palm device to your Android. And, as always let me know if you have any issues with this procedure.


Please leave comments below. If you have questions feel free to post them our new forum here.

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  1. Thank you for the information but I am not that good and I am trying to transfer my memo information from Palm(z22) to my Galaxy s4 phone. Will this process do that?
    Thank you for your help.

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