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I am an avid Android user that likes to share. I am a technologist at heart and by trade. I have a Computer Engineering degree and work as a Linux System Administrator for a large Stock Exchange. I’ve been playing with electronics technology every since I was a kid. I love to tinker.

My first hand held was a Handspring Edge, remember them? From there I went to a Treo 300, then Treo 600, then Treo 755p. I considered getting a Palm Pre, I loved the interface those cards are cool! But, I was disappointed by the lack of Apps. So I jumped over to Android. And, I’ve hardly looked back! So far, HTC Hero and currently I have a HTC Evo Shift.

You’ll find posts with detailed instructions on converting from Palm OS to Android. Reviews, suggestions and tips on using your Android hand held to make your life easier, dare I say ‘better’. As I solve problems for myself that I think others might have I’ll post it.



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  1. Your calendar app poll is missing my favorite calendar, Pimlical/A. I use it in conjunction with Pure Calendar Widget, but it is the mainstay of my scheduling software.

  2. Greetings:
    I would appreciate any help you could provide me with as to how to synchronize an old PALM TX, to a computer where the data was transferred to, but not installed, after the source computer died. I have not synchd my TX for over two years.

    Since the TX is dying, slowly but surely, purchased a Motorotal Droid X, and need to migrate my data from my computer or TX to the droid. is there a way of doing this short of keying in everything ? Thanks for you assistance

  3. Thank you for you instructions on how to convert Palm memos to Note Everything. I also need to convert my Palm contacts to an android application. I have at least a thousand contacts. I entered data into my Palm database without necessarily conforming to the field labels such as first name, last name, address etc. I welcome any suggestions. Thank you, SusanB

  4. Do you have an email for app comments /bugs? On my daily success list, the calendar seems to be adding 1 extra to the Grand total count. Awesome app though.

  5. Aaron,

    Thank you for the comment.

    I am working on the next version that will fix that bug.

    Thank you for using My Daily Success Checklist.


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