Play MP3’s From Folders Without Tags

This has been something I’ve wanted for sometime. I have recordings, educational courses and music, on my HTC Hero that I like to listen to in the car. Many of these recordings do not have mp3 tag information but they are organized in a simple folder structure:

Genre -> Artist -> Album -> Songs.

So I pretty much know what is where by following the folder path. However, the stock Android music player as well as most that I found, don’t allow you to choose songs by folder. They assume that your music is all tagged and sorts the music according to the tags. I don’t mind having music sorted according to tags, just give me a folder choosing option also. Don’t assume that everyone organizes their music the same way! Maybe I’m just weird. Anyway, if you are trying to find tag-less music on your Android using the stock player it becomes a lesson in frustration. Your music is under an unknown artist or an unknown album with a whole bunch of other unknown artists and albums. Not a good idea to be looking for buried recordings on your Android while driving! (Not that I have ever done that!)

 A Good Application For Playing MP3’s By Folder Not By Tag

After looking far and wide I found a good folder based mp3 player. It is called MortPlayer and it comes in two flavors. There is the standard MortPlayer and the Audio Book MortPlayer. The standard player has all that you would expect in an mp3 player. The Audio Book player adds automatic bookmarking, short rewind after pause and other Audio Book friendly futures. And, of course both players allow you to simply open your sd card’s contents in a file browser and find your music where ever you have it stored. There is also a MortPlayer widget that can use either player.

If you are like me and just want to browse through your sd card’s folder structure to find your music give MortPlayer a try. You can find it in the Android Market.


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