New Phone. Different USB Cable! Cheap, Easy, Solution!

A couple of months ago I got an upgraded Blackberry at work. I was puzzled because it had a different type of USB connector. I thought, “Why would they go and change the connector?” I’m use to the Mini- USB connector. I thought it was a standard, like a standard power plug on your computer. Turns out the new standard is now the Micro-USB connector.

Micro-USB is, as it’s name implies, smaller that the Mini version. As phones get more features packed into them having smaller connectors help. Plus, the Micro-USB connector is more durable that the Mini’s connector.

If you are like me, you have a lot of Mini-USB cables. After all, you get them with almost every gadget you buy. Digital Cameras, MP3 Players, Smart Phones, and GPS units all come with Mini-USB cables. I have them ready for data transfer or charging at my desk at work, at home, in my car, and in the living room. So, it would be a bit of a pain to repurchase Micro-USB version of all these cables.

 Best Mini USB to Micro USB Solution

The best solution is to get a few low cost converters. These converters accept the Mini-USB connector on one side and provides a Micro-USB on the other. This way you get to utilize the same cable for both new and old devices.

Another useful option is to get electrical plugs and 12 volt car adapters outfitted with Standard USB connectors. This combination gives the most flexibility and versatility as you can now use the same cables on Mini as well as Micro-USB devices. You can also use them for charging or data transfer. Plus, use them at home or in your car or boat.

The Mini to Micro USB converters and the power adapter I use can be purchased from below:



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