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I love the Android Operating System. I like many of the features of the OS and many of the applications. Android is a solid alternative to Apple’s iPhone. What I never liked however, was the Calendar App.

Coming from the Palm OS on a Treo 755p and using Datebook 6 I found the stock Android calendar to be seriously lacking. I tried some of the replacements at the time. IRT Calendar and Calendar Pad among others. But, compared to something like Datebook 6 or even the stock calendar on Palm OS, these Android calendars are jokes.

 Best Android Calendar Application

Eventually I found the Jorte calendar App. Jorte is not just a Calendar, it is actually a Personal Organizer. Using Jorte gives the impression that it is a full fledged scheduling application. It does not feel that there is any basic functionality missing, as is the case with other Calendar Apps I’ve tried.


Jorte’s layout is what you would expect in a calendar app. The month view shows you a typical grid with the titles of events shown in each day’s box. You can swipe right or left to go to the previous or next month. Clicking on the Month or Year in the display gives you options to change them.

Jorte allows you add tasks and memos to your calendar. The tasks can have due dates and alarms and can be shown on the calendar. Like most Android calendar Apps your event entries can be synchronized with Google’s online calendar. Your tasks can be synchronized as well.

Like the calendars on the Palm OS it also has several views, nine to be exact. There are:
Monthly with tasks
Monthly with tasks (important tasks on top)
Monthly with important tasks
Weekly list
Weekly grid with tasks
Weekly grid without tasks
Two week grid
Gantt chart

Jorte also has extensive settings that allow you to alter almost every aspect of the application to your liking. If you don’t like to tinker with software, then just leave the defaults they work as expected.


Jorte’s interface is intuitive. In any view, clicking on a date allows you to enter a new event, or view the details of and edit an existing event. The pop-ups clearly lead you through available options in a logical way. It is also relatively easy to move an event to another date, change event durations, and set up repeating events (more on repeats later.) Another useful feature is the ability to copy an event to another date.

Jorte has lots of options for the way it behaves as well as the way it looks. There are several different themes and choices for colors when you add events. The aforementioned color is for the entire day not for a particular event’s entry text. I’m hoping a future update brings the ability to change an event’s text color as well.

Like all other Android Calendar Apps Jorte writes to the standard Android calendar database. The Android’s calendar engine has limited repeat options. Most notably there is no way to set up an event that repeats every two weeks, like setting up your paydays for instance. JorteĀ is limited to the standard Android repeat options. To add non-standard repeating events, like every two weeks, I also use the Pure Calendar Widget. See this article for more details on using the Pure Calendar Widget to set up flexible repeating events.

In addition to all these great features Jorte also has options for fonts, themes, and the ability to search for entries. You can export and import tasks, events, and memos. Jorte also provides a Widget with options for displaying calendar entries and tasks. And, best of all Jorte is absolutely free!

Many thanks to the Jorte Developers for creating such a solid application for the Android user community. If you need a solid, highly capable Calendar application be sure to download Jorte from the Market.


Let me know what you think. Do you have a better Calendar application that you use? Leave a comment below.

9 thoughts on “Best Calendar Application For Your Android

  1. It would be nice if they allowed a BI weekly repeat , I work on a client based business and MANY OF MY CLIENTS ARE BI WEEKLY …. PLEASE FIX THIS

  2. Great app mate, after trying about 6 different others am glad to say this has finally got what i wanted. cheers for the heads up.

  3. Using Jorte, can I have a group of people with different mobiles ( Blackberry, iPhon x, Nokia) share the calendar schedules with me. If not please advice which application could allow for sharing the calendar or even agenda for a period of time. What is needed is something similar to the family organizer COZI but to be more business purposes.
    Thanks for your help

  4. Forgive me but I am a 1st time smartphone user so I am never sure whether my knowledge is lacking or my phone doesn’t have the facility! So, I have downloaded Jorte to my Samsung Galaxy Apollo GT i5800 running version 2.2 of the firmware – hope I have explained that correctly!

    My problem is that I want an organiser app which I can use to set reminders – basic requirement presumably or at least it was n my non smartphone.

    When the required time is reached I want the phone to sound an alarm and display the reminder details

    I originally used the Calendar app (already available when I got the phone) and I could set up reminers but no matter what I did nothing was displayed!! At the correct time a little alarm sound was heard but no display telling me what the reminder was about!

    So I searched on the web and found aout about Jorte which seemed great. I downloaded it but on my phone it seems that I cannot insert events – only Tasks and Memos – I selected Jorte Celndar as my default – does this make a difference?

    Does my phone no have the capability to allow me to create events – does my software / firmware have an error?? I am really unable to understand why such a simple requirement seems so difficult to fulfil.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks to all

  5. Sorry, in relation to above, if anyone does have any suggestions can you please explain simply!! I am not at the level where ‘Set your xxx to yyy’ will help – sorry that I am a bit of a Smartphone Luddite! :-)

  6. Hands down, the best calendar app I have found is Business Calendar. You can view 1-14 days in typical medical/dental office column style. There are many odd repeating options for each event (bi weekly, 3rd SAT of every 4th month). I don’t use the widget, but it comes with 13 differently sized widgets.

    I used to use iRT which looked similar to Palm OS DateBk6, but it seems to now be abandonware. The devs do not respond to e-mails and their forum is overrun by SPAM. Business Calendar is updated frequently with USEFUL features and the dev is very accessible.

    I tried Jorte, Calengoo, Pimlical (from the dev of DateBk6), and one other fancy background one whose name I can’t remember (eye candy but junk). All fell far short of my expectations and needs except Business Calendar. I don’t work for them. I just really depend on their app!

  7. Hi,

    I’ve just got a new phone – the HTC Sensation XE.

    I have Jorte on my other phone – the HTC Desire HD.

    Can someone please tell me (in idiot proof terms pls, lol!), how do I transfer my Jorte Calendar from the Desire HD to the Sensation XE?

    I’ve inserted the SD card from the Desire HD, but can’t find it on there. I can’t transfer via Bluetooth (Would only let me transfer contacts via Bluetooth), so don’t know what to do!

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, thank you!

    Kind Regards, and a Happy New Year to you all!
    Nat x

  8. Natalie,

    If you sync your Desire’s calendar with Google calendar you can then sync it back to the Sensation.

    To get Jorte to use Google’s calendar: Menu -> Options -> Select Calendar. If Google Calendar is selected on both your Desire and Sensation then the calendar should sync between them both.

    If you have Jorte Calendar chosen you can transfer the Jorte calendar to Google calendar: Menu -> Options -> Data Import & Export -> Copy data from Jorte to Google.

    Let me know if that helps.

    Good luck,


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