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I recently upgraded my Sprint HTC Hero to a Sprint HTC Evo Shift 4G. I brought the Shift from Radio Shack and the sales person mentioned that I could ‘trade in’ my Hero for a Radio Shack gift card. He said that since my contacts were synchronized with GMail I would be fine. I turned down the offer. I knew that was not the case. I know I have more data that I needed to transfer that were not synchronized via GMail.

I was able to transfer all my data from the Hero to the Shift in about 3 or so hours. If you plan on upgrading your Android hand held and need to know how to transfer your data you came to the right place. Even though I migrated from a Hero to a Shift, these methods are valid for any Android phone. Below you will see what methods I used to transfer all my data. And, if you have data stored in Apps that I don’t cover you should be able to get and idea on how to do it.

 Transfer Your Data From One Android to Another

When I got my first Android hand held, an HTC Hero, I used MyBackup Pro to backup my Apps and data nightly. In reality, there is not much need to backup your Apps as you can always download them from the Market. However, if you need to revert back to an old version of an App after you’ve upgraded it then you will be happy it is in your backup archive.

There were four ways that I used to get data from my old phone to my new one.
1. Syncing via the Internet (App normally uses a login and password and has a Web view of the data)
2. Exporting the data from an App on the old phone and importing it into the App on the new phone
3. Using My Backup to transfer the data
4. Data already stored on SD Card. Moving the card to the new phone is all that is needed. (Music, Movies, Pictures, etc.)

To get started with my migration I followed these steps:

  • Backup all my Apps and data on my Hero using MyBackup Pro
  • Enter Google account details into Shift
  • Download Screen On (Keeps screen on while it is plugged into the USB connector)
  • Download MyBackup Pro to the Shift
  • Shut down both the Hero and the Shift and put the Hero’s SD card into the Shift
  • Almost had a heart attack when I saw the Unrevoked boot screen come up when I restarted the Shift. My Hero was rooted. So there was a recovery.img file on the sdcard. I had to factory reset my Shift. Mount the sdcard back on the Hero and move the recovery.img out of the way.
  • Did the steps I performed above again and then I was ready to go.

I began downloading the Apps that I used on the Hero to the shift one by one from the Market. A faster way would be to restore your Apps from your MyBackup Pro backup. Once I had the Apps installed I began to migrate my data. Below is the list of Apps I use and the method I used to transfer the data.

Application Transfer Method Notes
Calendar (Jorte) Internet Sync Google took care of this
Tasks (Jorte) SD Card Export/Import Only able to restore tasks this way
SMS (Handcent) MyBackup Pro
Password Safe SD Card Export/Import
Keep Track SD Card Export/Import
Note Everything SD Card Export/Import MyBackp Pro option as well. For some reason not all notes came over using MyBackup Pro
OI Shopping MyBackup Pro
EasyMoney SD Card Export/Import You need to have the paid App to import. You have to send an email to EasyApps to get a new key for your new phone
Mail Internet Sync Same with any email application. Messages in your POP or IMAP account can be sync’ed
Contacts Internet Sync Google took care of these
SpringPad Internet Sync
Amazon Kindle Internet Sync
Audible Internet Sync
Camera/Camcorder Move SD Card
Documents to Go Move SD Card
Maps (Starred Places) Internet Sync
Music Move SD Card

Export/Import tip: Many applications that store data locally on the Android have an Export/Import facility. You should look through the Menus for the functionality. Once you find it you simply need to export the data from the App on your old phone. Transfer that data file(s) to your new phone. Then, perform the import into the App on the new phone.

Here is the remaining list of Applications that I transferred that did not need data transfer.

Advanced Task Killer Amex
Audible BlueRSS
Chase ConnectBot Digital Clock Widget
DNS Lookup Documents to Go
Digital Clock Widget DNS Lookup
ES File Explorer FXCM
GPS OnOFF IPCalc Mortgage Calculator
MortPlayer Audio Books Mythmote
NYCMate OSMonitor
Ping Quick Settings
Photo Frame Widget Real Calc
RemindMe Timers4Me
TradeInterceptorMobile TripAdvisor
Uninstaller WiFi OnOff
Wikidroid WordPress

Hope you found this guide helpful. If you have any other suggestions for easy ways to migrate data, please let us know by leaving a comment.


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8 thoughts on “Android Phone Data Migration Guide

  1. thanks Terry,

    this was very helpful. I just got a G2X and wanted to transfer my G2 over without losing data or having to spend days recreating everything.

    I’m half way down the process and should be done in less than an hour.

  2. Will I be able to plug in my old SD card to a new phone that is from a different manufacturer. You went from an HTC to a new HTC, but what if I go from a Motorola to an HTC? Will my SD card work or is the format different?

  3. Garry,

    The card should have the same FAT16/32 format. The new phone should read and write it just fine.


  4. Was your Hero running Android 1.5, or a later version? My wife is facing an upgrade from an original HTC Hero running 1.5 to a new Galaxy II S Epic whatnot. I know the filesystem changed in Android, I think between 1.5 and 1.6.

    Thanks for any info.

  5. Hi. You said that google takes care of getting my Jorte calendar. How? I have Jorte on my new phone but don’t have all of my meetings that I had on my old phone. Do I need to do something to get it in?

    Also, how do I get the Jorte tasks onto the new phone? My old phone is cracked and screen is unresponsive so I used adb to pull all of the data onto my Mac. I am assuming the Jorte tasks were stored on the phones sd card. What steps do I need to do to export this data from my Mac to the new phone? Thanks!

  6. Hello Jaksun,

    Did you have Jorte on your old phone sync’ed to your Google Calendar? Can you see your calendar entries in In order to have Jorte (or any calendar for that matter) pull in your calendar entries they have to be in Google Calendar in the first place. As for the tasks I would suggest contacting the Jorte team to ask them how to do the import from your Mac. I got this email from their Play store page (


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