An Easy Way to Beat Sprint’s $10 4G Fee

I was a heartbeat away from buying a Sprint Evo last month, but did not due to it’s size. I feel it is too big. The other reason I did not get it on the spot was because of Sprint’s so called $10 4G Premium Data Charge. I tried to convince the store reps to waive it, they were not bugging. I called up Sprint’s Customer Service and asked for the waiver. I tried the first line Support, I tried Retentions. I even left a voice mail with a Manager asking to not have the $10 per month fee.

I was surprised that I actually got a call back. However, the Manager basically said, “NO”. So, why is Sprint charging this fee? Because they can! They have sold us on the idea that their 4G service requires some additional feature that costs $10 per month. It does not matter if your area currently has 4G service or not. They have products and services that they know consumers want and they know they can charge us for it. And, we pay it!

 Get Around Sprint’s 4G Fee

Since I intend to get Sprint’s Evo 4G Shift soon after it is released I know that I’ll have to ante up the $10. What I did was to find another bill that I have where I could shave at least $10 a month off of. I called up my alarm company and threatened to leave them unless they reduced my monthly charge. I got them to drop it by $17. In the end, it really does not matter to me if Sprint gets their $10 fee. It is like I’m taking it from one bill to pay another. I actually net a gain in this case. So, if you don’t like having to pay the extra $10 fee when you go with a Sprint 4G hand held, just look at all your bills. Call ’em up to see which one you can get a monthly fee reduction from. This is something many Financial Guru’s suggest you do anyhow.

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2 thoughts on “An Easy Way to Beat Sprint’s $10 4G Fee

  1. I think if you’re going to choose Sprint, you’re going to have to play by their rules, just as going with Verizon you’ll have to play by theirs (and their tiered data systems). You *do* know that next week at CES Verizon is launching a handful of Android LTE phones, don’t you?

    Of course you could always go with AT&T’s great selection of Android phones…..oh, wait, they don’t *have* a great selection and, I suppose you’ll be wanting to actually make phone calls…..nevermind.

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